Clare Easdown is a musician, artists and singer-songwriter based in Sydney Australia who has been releasing music since 2022 and has built put out an elaborate discography since then. She is trained in classical music and blends her home genre with electronic music to create her own sound. Her latest single “Stigma Enigma” accurately captures the essence of pain!

The Vocals by Clare Easdown come to us along with the words “No one understands me” which creates a very powerful effect. Her vocal performance includes husky and whisper-like inflections which she uses well `to create a haunting yet holy ambience. She has a high-pitched yet broody innate quality to her voice which enhances the effect the track is trying to produce. The vocals are layered with echo to create a hallucinogenic environment.

The sounds effects of rain form an important sonic element on the track. The chill percussion and ambience have a moody air to them. Pausing of instrumentation forms an inherent part of the production which I thought was much needed.

The title of the track “Stigma Enigma” accurately describes the lyrical themes on the track. The stigma around mental health and the lack of conversations around it can be the birth place of shame that sends people further into the hopelessness and loneliness it can be the cause of. The track speaks about judgement and the “rat race” which can all enhance the feeling of not being understood.

I enjoyed how the track sonically brought to life the feeling of hopelessness and pain. The songwriting was vulnerable and refreshing in my opinion! Listen to “Stigma Enigma” by Clare Easdown here: