Dame Zina is an enchanting father-daughter duo that unites concept and camaraderie. She likes to write about girl power and he is devoted to soundscaping. Dame Zina has just released their newest album titled ‘Fairytales’. It follows their sophomore album, ‘House of Zina’ which came out earlier this year. Their tracks are non-confirming sonic orbs. Each one is a world that creates and dictates its own rules. And hence, listening to their albums is like journeying through new worlds, discovering unique fusions and experiencing novel music cultures.

iTunes Artwork for 'Fairytales (by Dame Zina)'

Fairytales drives into mystique with ethereal folktronica, experimental frames, and futuristic electronica. Taken from this album is ‘La Nuit’ or ‘Big Day’. To match the theme, the track is developed with drama and designed to foster a sense of preparation, expectation, and purpose. In an atmosphere of melodic techno beats, fuzzy basses, and slicing synths, the vocals are a blend of earthy folk and classical elegance. This contrast is so well reconciled with insightful production and presentation. Listen Now!

Dame Zina are prolific artists and musicians from France. Having debuted in 2019, they have released over ten singles and three albums.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘La Nuit’ by Dame Zina here –