Conceptual musician and genre-diverse artist, Dan Webb has just dropped his album, Sunshine/ Dialogue. The 12 track collection is a vast field of electronic, rock, pop, neo-classicals, and soul excitations; a full circle that showcases his latest artistic evolutions and influences. Since his debut in 2009, the artist is known for his experimental sonic spheres and progressive songwriting and production. Taken from this new collection is “A Good Song” in which Dan Webb stipulates the consciousness behind the theme. It features the talent of fellow artist and jazz instrumentalist, Greg Saunier.

The track poses Dan’s thematic monologue against the funk and soul jazz flavored instrumental backdrop. His verses clarify his unique artistry and creative process as he forges a path towards the discovery of the undefined. Swelling interludes of melodies absorb the profound wisdom in his words and play out with a hyperactive vibrancy. To erase and vanquish the contours of “a good song” is the first step towards finding your art, your song. It is about moving in the direction of emotion and feeling as opposed to being a rigid and unbending construct.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to “A Good Song” from the Sunshine/ Dialogue Album by Dan Webb here –