Danila Kozyrev is an experimental electro-rock artist with a progressive style that rivals any pioneer. He manipulates soundscapes to bloom with concept, sensibility, and thought. The listening experience always leaves you looking outward, in a direction that you have never thought to look before. There’s also a lot of visuals that he creates within his music. They are as vivid and engaging as a video clip. Danila has released his sixth LP, ‘ufo’ in which he gets into life’s troubles and possibilities, connecting them to sci-fi themes and dystopias. And opening the collection is one of Danil Kozyrev’s finest music productions, ‘My Love’.

iTunes Artwork for 'Ufo (by Danila Kozyrev)'

The artist collates sonic, visual, and theatrical elements to create a dynamic and dizzying rock track. The melody lines are experimental and the percussion is spontaneous. Shoegaze-like distortions spread over the instrumentals like a veil. And so everything is a surreal blur. Missile shooting sounds echo in the backdrop and indicate a dark ethos lying underneath the theme. Listen Now!

Danila debuted in 2020 with the album, ‘atomic cafe’. His love for sci-fi had since become a moving theme across most of his albums. And drawing parallels between scientific concepts and human experiences, he has created a very unique and niche discography.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘My Love’ by Danila Kozyrev here –