eno-obong is an African-American electronic music artist and experimental composer from Texas. His penchant for percussion allows him to fathom beat lines, not only to convey a theme but to transform it into unique spheres of emotion and sound. His latest single is his sixth conceptual album titled Piedmont Park in which he seemingly explores his roots, tracing his childhood and formative years. Tracks like ‘the system’, ‘mistakes’, and ‘broken home’ give us beautiful insights into African-American narratives on life. The other tracks are manifestations of this commentary, extending into themes like prejudice, mental health, adolescence, drugs, racism, etc., each one converging to form the artist’s truth. Listen Now! 

The artist samples sounds from cultural moments, news announcements and neighborhood events to give context to his beats. The rhythms are distinctly his, a sonic signature of sorts, as they unravel as ambient hip-hop beats, leading to avant garde structures. It’s honest and unpretentious, shaping and being shaped by the theme. An intuitive dance that reveals stories and sentiment. 

The album is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! en

You can listen to the Piedmont Park album by eno-obong here –