Hikaru Hidaka is an experimental and conceptual, new-wave electronic music artist based in Japan. In the latest single, ‘another sad night, under moonlight’, Hikaru Hidaka delves into melancholy, dilating its facets with spatial accents, concealed mystique, and naturalistic ambiance. The artist uses a lot of contemporary sonic concepts that distorts and reinforces the nature of melancholia.

Ethereal rivulets of synths make up the backdrop. This becomes a sphere of music in its own right, a parallel dimension that permeates through the membrane of whispered vocals. The vocals dispel the haunting essence of everlasting and unending sadness to a point of hostility. While the melodies, glassy and delicate, induce a slumberous daze, its counterpart disrupts the uniform undulations. Listen Now!

The artist calls the sound as sentimentally saturated and that’s exactly what we get. Loaded with emotional intention and devolved from human experience, Hidaka’s work is rich and life soaked. Wolfrage Recordings New EP in 2021 introduced the artist’s style. It has since been supplemented and further developed with tracks like ‘Still Blooming’, ‘I May Still Be Crying’ and more.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘another sad night, under moonlight’ by Hikaru Hidaka here –