How to Loot Brazil is a stand alone indie band from Germany who are reputed to forge their own pathway. It is impossible to put them in a box, and their music cannot be easily grasped by words. It is a feeling, a distinct energy plane that is understood only when listened to. They dabble in pop, rock, electronica, and dance music, swinging them boldly and charismatically to bolster their soundscapes. There’s that effortless novelty that is usually attributed to David Bowie and Prince. Their latest is an album called ‘Joy to Be Had’. The thirteen-track collection is a universe of groove. There’s so much movement, momentum, and sonic machinations that will drive the listener to a compelling high.

iTunes Artwork for 'Joy to Be Had (by How To Loot Brazil)'

‘Valley Girls’ introduces the album. With its ambiguous rhythms, spontaneous vocals, and pulsing melodies, it is instantly intriguing. What’s fantastic about it is how it forms on the brink of retro and futuristic sonic design. You’ll experience 80s synthwave alongside experimental EDM and modern presentations. Some really great beat attacks, synth blossoms, and rocky riffs tie up this modern synth rock anthem beautifully. Its creative asymmetries, innovative progressions, and unpredictable destiny is extremely compelling. Listen Now!

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