We all know Jack Tracy through his unique brand of eclectic pop and over here at Good Music Radar, we love him for it! The New York-based artist, yet again puts on a splendid showcase of his music direction and production in this new release. And true to The Jack Tracy style, Show Off is a shimmering of electro-pop, colored with disco beats and polyphonic synths. Using hyperbolic arrangements and cinematic choreography, he manifests a dance rhythm that aligns with contemporary disco styles. 

The track is loaded with sonic refractions. With reflective melodies and repeating synth motifs, Jack packs it with audio-visual movements. Even the vocal presentations play into this kaleidoscopic ball of electronics. And at the end of every cyclic progression, he adds another layer, a new dimension using simple, yet elegant sonic filters.

Following the release of his Gold album, the artist is geared up with new sonic material, reinventing and reforming his style to new levels of sophistication. Inspired heavily from icons Prince and Janet Jackson, Jack’s songs are lyric driven, always showing off his talent in music design songwriting. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Show Off by Jack Tracy here –