Jos Vicars is the antithesis of convention. And his music carries this quality ruggedly, naturally, and gracefully. The artist is the kind who thrives on the brink of becoming. He loves to stray, explore, and see what else is out there. So, if you’re into music that frees you from perspective prisons, or just looking for something creative and novel, then Jos Vicars is for you.

iTunes Artwork for 'Rise Up (Instrumental Version) - Single (by Jos Vicars)'

His latest release is ‘Rise Up (Instrumental Version)’. It is an electronic jigsaw puzzle that conveys energy, mood, dynamism, and action. Its vanishing beats, collapsing rhythms, and changing tides is all about pushing forward, rising higher, and understanding more. There’s excitement and adrenaline, curiosity and anticipation. As you listen to it, you’ll discover the joy of going with the flow and embracing the unknown. Listen Now!

The artist forms a vivid electronic sphere with elements of dubstep, industrial elements, folk beats, funky effects, and darting synths. The patterns, textures and rhythms evolve so phenomenally into cerebral experiences. Visual sparks, sonic congruence, and an elevating novelty that will have you coming back.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Rise Up (Instrumental Version) by Jos Vicars here –