Kibbokid is a jester and a truth-teller. The London-based musician crafts slapstick and ironic portraits of the world using enjoyable rhythm and eccentric styles. His sound is a unique blend of cinematic music, global music, and alternative rock. In his new single, Follow The Leader, Kibbokid explores folk customs, politics, and contemporary life.

The artist uses a lot of theatrical elements in the track. Its animated sound profile and jolly spirit depict a caricature of power and bloated political agendas that are incredibly enjoyable. This Orwellian critique and rebellion are depicted using tropical charm and sunny Bellefontaine disposition. Angular guitar riffs and basslines outline the piercing headline, “Follow the Leader”. With fun folk beats stringing the verses and chorus, the track gets away with political blasphemy.

There is also pronounced use of cinematic sounds that accentuate the drama of the eclectic retro styles and tropical mirth. The sardonic lyricism is a delight to take in and will even have you bubbling with laughter. Its elegant humor and intellectual prompts also add great value to the listening experience. The track is catchy, revolutionary, iconic, and timeless.

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