The kind of music Little Brain produces is not for everyone. Not everyone could make what he makes as well. With thought-provoking lyrics and a connect to the melodic ether in more than one way, this artist is coping with sure shot extinction through his music. This is his latest single, Together We Rise. 

This is part of the long awaited EP by this artist, Not If But When. The thread of thinking cannot be linked to your ordinary pop culture, no, you have to take a look at the dark side. Still, the lyrics and melody have hope. As a musician, the harmonies and essences have a touch of industrial, still with pop sensibilities. I am reminded of Maynard James Keenan in his side projects like Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, listening to this music. The heavy bassline and falsetto toned vocals are surprising elements that still create this wave of effortless emotion and style. Little Brain has a delightful single, Into the Sun, that has had some great streams. The overlaps are fresh, a cynical view and a resulting outcome that might be there for us as a collective. Many aren’t ready to hear this kind of music. 

Seed Bearing Mammal and New Normal are some songs you’ll definitely want to check out. You can’t really predict what you will hear, it’ll be a journey in a blindfold and a coal cart hurtling through time. Listen to the songs and follow Little Brain here: