LUMP200 is a Berlin based electro-clash cross act featuring some acoustics (tuba, vibraphone, bass clarinet, vocals) in rather abstract electronic surroundings. With a propensity for invention and novelty, they craft their own rhythm language and align the sonics with it. Their work is a world of its own, a bizarre delusion that awakens creativity. In their latest single, I Am The Elephant In The Room, LUMP200 presents a mosaic of abstract motifs. And with its disheveled design and pulsing framework it sets a contemporary sonic scene.

The track is an electrified symphony of acoustic dissonance. The angular rhythm branches into the soundscape on the wings of folk beats. Lines of resounding bass swells into the soundscape, as if breathing in and out. As the track progresses, it draws out more textures and sound pallets, rolling with an intuitive rhythm.

LUMP200 discovered their sound and style by experimenting with participation and transmedial techniques. With a focus on juxtaposing duality, they showcase the close relationships between them. Their music is a way of thought which they debuted in 2008 with their album, Unsigned and has since released two albums – Hobbies & Religions and Before The Moon and two singles – Kryptomarch and I Am The Elephant In The Room.

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to I Am The Elephant In The Room by LUMP200 here –