Maëla Raoult is a French clarinetist with a mastery in musical improvisation. She explores her love, passion, and education in jazz music using chamber music ensembles that are intimate in their composition, with subtle expression and refined musical ideas. In her new album, Hypokrat, Maëla Raoult fortifies this classical style with rich emotion and sophisticated euphony design. In addition to being an independent artist, she is also chamber music player, teacher, bandleader, and composer – The Creator of The French Touch Collection. 

With dominant African-style percussion and Arabian motifs, the track is delectable with warm tones and sultry pulses. The album comprises seven tracks out of which five are original tracks and two are the artist’s interpretations of well-known standards. 

The album opens with the title track, a layered clarinet bonanza that is sprinkled with fluttering beats. The softness of the melodies and the quivering waves of improv are a delight to listen to. We’re induced into a hypnotic mystique, alight with a golden hue. 

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