Get ready to tour a musically divergent soundscape with this new single, Welcome To Hell by Nasmore, featuring guitarist, Neil Taylor, and singer-songwriter, La Strange. The simmering slow burn of the track has a devouring stead, with crawling synths, despondent guitar solos, and haunted vocal tendrils. While retaining a contemporary charm, the track enlists a multitude of vintage elements to create an iconic sound. The collective talent of all three artists makes for a gigantic splash that is not to be missed!

Nasmore knows what he’s doing. The track is a charming concoction of mystery, mystique, horror, and absurdism. It’s truly magnificent to be gracefully ushered into the majestic sonic worlds that he creates. With hyperbolic grandeur and elaborate arcs, the song has a matchless cinematic appeal that is reminiscent of Hans Zimmer’s work. La Strange and Neil Taylor’s tortured vocal performance tear through the loaded canvas, its bloody swells glistening under the shining light of guitar melodies.

The harrowing rapture of the track escalates to wondrous levels. Intricately build with sinful rock accents, melodramatic electronica, and dark classical arrangements, the artists manifest a sinister glamor and make it sound great!

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You can listen to Welcome To Hell by Nasmore featuring Neil Taylor and La Strange here –