Pedro’s musical imprint is an exercise in abstractness. Boundless and versatile, the flexible contours of his sound and style have a way of unlocking the prisons of the mind. It is unique, individualistic, and free-spirited; the golden ratio for any new-age artist. Influenced by the works of fluid styles of Arca, ROSALÍA, and Björk, he fashions a musical brand that combines his Classical Guitar education with alternative rock sensibilities and electronic beats. In his tri-song debut album, Echoes Of My Mind, Pedro (Manic Dream) sets forth a contemporary renaissance of sorts, emphasizing the value of his craft and creativity. 

Created with an intention to reveal the surging beauty and soaring highs of life, the artist presents Manic Dreams, Sùplicas à Floresta, and Euforia Sin Cocaína. The three tracks together form a collaborative portrait of surrealism, their soundscapes assembling the thoughts of the artist’s mind. 

With a run time of a little over a minute, Manic Dreams is brought to fruition in layers. Based on a bedrock of Spanish dance beats and fuzzy basslines, the track is grown with fresh synth sprinkles and shavings of electric guitar. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Manic Dream from the Echoes Of My Mind Album by Pedro here –