POINT3NINE has some great music to create and showcase. A master of words and feelings, he can tune in and out of thoughts in a moment’s notice. His latest track we will review is something that highlights his skill. Someone who understands music as the commanding theme it is. This is from his EP, The iLLEST LP, Diamond Street.

Echoing bass and layered percussion make this song the mastodon it is. POINT3NINE makes his music have discussion and deliberation, and in this particular song, it is a thematic breakdown. You don’t hear any lyrics for most of the song, but you’re pushed into these beats that make you want to dive into the groove. There are small monologue elements, but you’re encapsulated by the powerful bass and structure mostly. Tracks like Illusion of Truth and contemplative songs like this become bridges between songs, to tell a story that is not just any journey. It is an incredible effort of relooking at hip-hop through another experience, a rewarding juxtaposition of styles. 

His other LP called 13th Temple is worth exploring for just the amount of inspiration it can bring you. This is an artist who is waiting to create a waveform of elements and styles that explore the many dynamics of beat and the relationship with the spoken. Listen to POINT3NINE here and follow him on his socials: