Sam Feinstein is a multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Massachusetts.  He has been playing several instruments since the age of seven and has dabbled in a variety of genres like bluegrass, folk, blues, rock, RnB and metal. “Need Me” is his fourth single and serves as the culmination of all of his experiences with music.

“Need Me” is an extremely well-produced single whose use of sonic space to create a sense of physicality is apparent from the first note. The layering is charming and the song structure is chaotic and unlike anything one would expect. While the vocals by Sam Feinstein are delivered in monotone with a spoken-word-like effect, it refuses to take centre stage and remains only one of the many other interesting elements on the track. The percussion is upbeat and pedestrian while the synth and groovy bass add ambience.

“Need Me” has a haunting and scary undercurrent that runs through it similar to horror when it is a music genre. Its sonic palette switches between a bright chorus with cheerful guitar instrumentation and grungy metallic verse. There are plenty of smaller sound effects like water droplets that keep a listener engaged and surprised.

Lyrically the switches in the sonic palette between cheerful and depressing make sense as the single aims to recreate sonically the experience of addiction either to a substance or a person. The all-consuming obsession is confirmed by the cover art for the track. The double-edged sword that is loss of control is delved into.

Sam Feinsten holds our attention in the palm of his hand on the carefully crafted single “Need Me”. It has the attention to detail that never lets a listener off the hook! You can check this track out here: