Formed in 2020, Soulish is a 6-piece Indie-Soul band from Toronto known for its timeless creations that will fill your heart with joy. This band fuses hip-hop with its unique indie rock sound to create a sound of its own that is distinctive and innovative. You will surely love this fantastic band if you love to listen to something fresh out of the oven!

Soulish, a band with Cole Solish on rhythm guitar, is committed to investigating genre-bending methods to create a distinctive sound personality. Lead singer Chris Hylton makes use of his classical vocal skills and considerable talent to provide listeners a window into the lives and tales of a band. Brothers Hector and Ernesto Alonso, who play drums and bass, respectively, make up the rhythm section. Their unique musical connection is clearly visible in their track. Jakob Goldstein and Joshua Napal, two longtime friends who play lead guitar and synthesizer, add depth to the band.

I recently discovered this band through their latest release which is also their debut track. The track is named ‘Symbiotic’ and is surely one hell of a track! The guitars are ecstatic and will take you to another plane of reality. The way the vocals carry the track is beautiful. Bass and the drums of the track was my personal favorite. This is surely a highly recommended track for sure. The synths create the perfect vibe for the track and the whole band holds that up with beauty. Give this masterpiece a go! You will love it. 🙂

You can catch a little glimpse of the track down here-