The Sener has a mighty musical force. With his genre-defying blends of soul-electronica/ rock/ and electro-pop, the artist creates enlarging and energetic soundscapes. The artist has a beautiful way of exhibiting musical concepts in a way that is both familiar and unfamiliar. And treading this line of surreal hypnotism, The Sener explores the exhilaration of defiance and power in his single, Break Free.

Taken from the artist’s debut EP, Sener Begins Pt. 1, the song has a racing momentum that ties in with the essence of the song. Warm melts of guitar melodies open the song. They slowly grow and widen with an expanding circumference in the backdrop as synthetic beats flee with a euphoric purpose. The artist’s raspy vocals tear the fabric of the song to let the beats out. And when they gush out, they scatter into the skies of our minds.

The artist debuted earlier this year with his triple single, Fruitful Seedlingz in a Devastated Garden, and did such a wonderful job with it. Combining a dark thema with illuminative melodies, the release brings out the artist’s will to reconcile dualities with his eclectic musical streams. His latest release, a triple single called, Cry For Me Baby is a haunted house of euphony. With slow and crackling vocals, the tracks are a devastating slow burn.

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