VAAMP is a contemporary electronic music project. Their debut release, OHIO, introduces the artist’s experimental style and lo-fi energy. It’s as if they perceive sonic ambience as a state of mind – starting at the basics and developing it into lofty quotients of consciousness. Listen Now!

This track opens with slicing neon synth lasers that carry rhythm and energy. Its rippling intensity is set off by radio announcement samples – a commentary on baseball, distorted and disturbed by jagged static. A strong beat line pierces through the fog conveying a sense of time and turbulence. The energy of the game itself rises and escalates progressively. The tension, the devotion, the adrenaline pulses, looped into flashing synths.

iTunes Artwork for 'Ohio - Single (by vaamp)'

The soundscape is bolstered with intuitive builds. Powerful basses and active beats create a compelling and undulating listening experience. There’s also a lot of conceptualizations that nurtures and elevates thematic roar and humdrum. VAAMP does a great job with the design. It is an immersive sound experiment that is executed with a simultaneous simplicity and grandeur in a way that emulates the randomness of real life.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Ohio by Vaamp here –