William Sanford is an experimental and avant-garde electronic music artist. His gift is his perspective, in the way he sees and understands music. Each of his compositions portrays a unique insight that he lets flow into his listener with evolving presentations. ‘Deep Mollusca’ so simply exemplifies this. He fills the ambience with musical details, tinted with undertones of psychedelia and essence of movement. And before you know it, you’re transferred to a new world of pulsing excitations, electric textures, and eclectic patterns. Taken from this album is ‘Abyssal Solenogastres’. Its drum n bass front is made dynamic with techno influences and visual makeups.

iTunes Artwork for 'Deep Mollusca (by William Sanford)'

There’s so much happening within the song. William infuses the basslines with spatial characteristics such as depth, density, shape, length, and color. And they constantly disintegrate and reform. He layers these changing sequences with ethereal windows, cerebral sonics, and futuristic sensibilities. And to experience it all in totality is like subscribing to a new brand of consciousness, one that forms on the edge of the old and the new. Listen Now!

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