Astrachan is a desperately tender and incredibly sensitive autobiographer and artist. He perceives music as a medium to record and capture elating moments. They may be ones that gripped his heart with an aching sentiment or ones that revealed a new bit of life, love, or beauty to him. Stringing these emotions with frolicking melodies and dazing vocals, he shares flickers of a life lived. Rich with visuals, emotions, and thoughts, listening to his music is almost like viewing slides of his life. Listen Now!

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Astrachan released his self-titled album in 2021 in which he explores a beautiful range of synthetic and acoustic melodies, sprucing them up with mellow funk motifs and ambient blooms. ‘Ladakh’ is taken from this collection; the song is a folk portrait and poetry about the region in Kashmir, India. Using quivering flutes, quirky melody points, and choral instrumentals, he orchestrates a sharp and dazing burst of freshness. There are definite pastoral themes within the composition that is distilled with tales of romance, nostalgia, and simple wonder.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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