Reagan Hudson is a cattle farmer in Western NC. And his music is dotted, dashed, weaved, and accentuated by the activities of daily life. Slow-brewed with rustic country magic, honky tonk, and bluegrass, his soundscapes adorned with sharp melodies and old school candor. He honors the simplicity of traditional country music, mining for lyrical dimension in an expansive instrumental setting. His latest release is ‘Mama’s Going to Rehab’.

It explores a tragically dysfunctional family with a wailing normalcy. The blues stain the soundscape pervasively. It’s baked into the vocals and instrumental. So you won’t see it actively surging to the surface. It is inextricably linked with the bare country strokes and shows up as a fundamental emotional gradient.

The curse of tragedy is that it is endless, as Oscar Wilde stipulated. And Reagan conveys it incredibly. His piercing baritones seem to span infinitely as he drudges up frames of deficiency and moral squalor. Listening to it is like traveling back to the old American countryside with its dusty roads and dustier stories. Listen Now!

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You can listen to ‘Mama’s Going to Rehab’ by Reagan Hudson here –