A prayer to be understood and seen, this new track, Get Me, by Adub Nati is a message that we all instantly recognize and relate to.  Taken from his latest seven-track album, Emerging, the American hip-hop artist and rapper explores his human condition and worldview; a self-portrait of sorts. He keeps it real and honest, with every track revealing and connecting us to a part of him and his psyche.

The track scales beautifully. With a smooth funk melody line flowing in the backdrop of his verses, the vocals are delivered with the power of mountains. The punching modulations and embedding rhythm become imprints that we carry with us. Its storytelling trajectory is further magnified by the strings of wisdom dangling within them.

The artist debuted in 2015 with the release of his debut sixteen-song mixtape, No Plan B. Since then, the artist has released two singles and two albums, each one chronicling his becoming, both as an artist and a human being. Born in Houston and based in Ohio, Adub Nati employs his sound to expand the consciousness of his listeners and spread positivity.

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You can listen to Get Me from the Emerging album by Adub Nati here –