albedo is a hip-hop project of German artist and rapper, Jeremy Kappelmann. His work is a resonant blend of lo fi electronica, trippy beats, and fluid rap. In his latest release, ‘albtraum’, albedo refines dark pop with hip-hop sensibilities. It almost takes an emo-pop flavor. The productional style depicts an intent to conceptualize the theme. And the free flow vocals drive hard into this thematic resonance.

The artist plays around with dualities, innocence and cruelty, past and present, light and dark. ‘Albtraum’ originated from German, meaning nightmare. Used a lot in German folklore, it is usually thought to be caused by an elf sitting on one’s chest while one slept. And the artist appropriates this mystical version of the word, stringing it into modern commentaries on trauma, pain, and mental health.

The track opens with glinting acoustics, gradually evolving on the heels of hip-hop beat clicks to gleaming swishes of synths. With these flying pieces of melody, albedo brings an outworldly feeling to the song, a world that exists only inside his head. Relentless verse flows are delivered with a feverish desperation and melancholic sentiment. It is entirely candid, sparked with wires of vulnerability and real emotion. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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