The Haitian-American, Independent Rapper, and artist, Ali X aka Alderson Exantus has just dropped his new single, Hate Love in which he explores the heartbreak in passion. With a poetic suave and style, the track is unfailingly delightful and engaging.

The flowing rap is one to behold, ringing with the force of the truth. The emphatic effect of the track is contained in the fantastic emotive display. Carefully constructed by the vocals oscillating between painful vulnerability and cool dismissiveness. It depicts the emotional limbo that we find ourselves in when dealing with affairs of the heart. The verses are punctuated beautifully with effective pauses, varying speeds, and magnificent modulations; a stellar demonstration of the artist’s virtuosic voice and emotion control.

The listening experience is similar to cheering for your player in the boxing ring. We run into mountains of sarcasm, punchy and entertaining. Its sassy weaves and delivery will have you looping the track over and over. The worst thing about the track is that it comes to an end. All its elements are addictive. The artist employs leitmotifs in the form of streaming synthetic vocals, that we keep going back to. And, this is filtered with wisps of deep vocal harmonies that illuminate the contrasting pitches and textures in the song.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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