The South Central Los Angeles-based music producer BContheTrack just dropped “Hot Now,” a song starring Beaux. BContheTrack has more than 20 years of expertise in creating music in a variety of genres, including R&B, Gospel, Trap, and Hip Hop, and is known for putting out tight productions and groovy beats that are loved by fans all over the world. When asked why he is so passionate about producing beats, BContheTrack responds that it gives him great joy to see others realize their musical goals by giving them the ideal beats on which to display their skills. This is an artist to be explored by the masses for sure.

BContheTrack’s ability as a music producer is demonstrated by “Hot Now,” which has a beat that is both addictive and catchy. Beaux gives a superb rendition, capturing the spirit of the song’s message of self-belief and perseverance with his vibrant flow and lyrical skill. The song has a great balance of beats and instrumentals that keep the listener interested the entire time, and it perfectly combines hip-hop and rap. With its cheerful tempo and general message of self-confidence and perseverance, the track’s energy and feel are infectious. The song, which has a strong production and moving lyrics, is a monument to the strength of persistence and self-belief.

This is surely one of those tracks that will be enjoyed by everyone. Give it a go and trust me, you will be hooked!

Catch a little glimpse of the track ‘Hot Now’ by BContheTrack (Ft. Beaux) here-