Ben Flexin is a singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, and artist who debuts in style with his EP, Angel Year, Vol. 1. The Long Island/New York-based subculture artist is the co-founder and member of the T W I N F O R K T R I B E. His contemporary style and revolutionary spirit are the main forces that power his music. Ben’s immutable voice and strong oration pour torrentially into the mind, redolent of the greats. Ben Flexin opens the EP with 93’ Piece Prize. 

The artist constructs the rhythm with lo-fi acoustics. Its vinyl crackling lends the track a vintage appeal. Against this smooth-sailing melody, the emphatic rap blooms like the rising sun. Oozing with motivation and brewing with power, this track reiterates Nelson Mandela’s message of unity and power. The looping rhythm casts a hypnotic spell, as the conscious verse triggers change one line at a time. 

With this album, the artist sets out to spread political consciousness. It captures the essence of this ethos using diverse musical styles like jazz, soul, and alternative among others. 

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You can listen to 93’ Piece Prize from Angel Year EP, Vol 1 by Ben Flexin here –