There is a spectrum of feelings that flood your way when you listen to Bimboy. He’s a prolific rapper, he’s created tracks in consistent flow and motion that creates and brings the spirit of musicianship with him. There is a unique way he approaches the track, all based on feel. This is his single, Blue, from his EP out now.

Good as Gold released in early November, and has his releases from throughout the year. Blue is one of his best, that’s why it takes place as the prologue for this album. With a cool, relaxed flow, Bimboy creates a thematic haven with the synth opening. Instead of barraging us with lyrics, you actually settle into the mood by the time the lyrics come across. Poetic, creative and crisp, it creates a production that is a typhoon of energy. Yet, the contrast remains with how the chorus and gentle instrumentals go on. As we space out into the layers that bring the choir to your ears, the lyrics remain in focus. The pitch and phase changes really keep the song exciting, little experimentations like this draw attention to your output of the song. Here is an artist who is constantly in a state of metamorphosis.

He has been releasing music officially since 2019, Sleeve and I Don’t Mind being the debut year tracks. As he has improved production, composition and especially the way he puts across his music, there’s a lot of progress marked. Judge for yourself, listen to his single here: