Bloodlin3 bring music to you like they’re writing for their autobiography, This is a group that will give you a performance every time, no matter what. The lyrical flow is incomparable. Their energy is unmatchable. Their production? Enviable. They create a new track that ups their bar quite automatically. This is their latest single, Until I Fall.

Krizz Kaliko and Bloodlin3 come together to fight fire with fire. The beats bring the freshest of tempos, a trap favourite. The trio combines powers and spits out one bar after the other. Like their idols Three Six Mafia or Tech N9ne, their dedication to the flow and rhythm is steadfast. The mysterious background has a cinematic touch to it. The rise to the chorus and the drop is superb, bringing the catchiest of styles and addiction to the beat. This is a song you’ll want to instantly click loop on. There is a promise within that you won’t be disappointed. It takes finesse and flourish to have that kind of confidence. If the beat is building, you better believe their tempo rises like the temperature. When it drops, you’re going to need a jacket.

You might have heard of Bloodlin3 with Execution Day and Panic Attack. Keeping their experiences close to their lyrical prowess, it feels real listening to them perform. Their dedication to the art form is what makes their music unique, like a fingerprint. Listen to their single here with us: