Breaff is a rapper who is known for his deep lyrical abilities and his on-point deliveries that are so impactful that you will find yourself banging your head with the beat. This artist has a vivid discography of 15 singles and an album which is a recent release. This artist is surely consistent and also has some great skills to make it big. His way of rapping makes his tracks stand out from the crowd making him one of the most innovative rappers out there. This artist will surely make you mosh to his music with his bewitching flows and lyrics.

I recently came across this artist through his latest release which is an album named ‘Synap Recon’ which surely is a work of supreme art. The way the artist carried the whole album with grace is what blew my mind away! The album is like a rollercoaster ride with a lot of ups and downs.

The first track on the album is named Braff Attack which is the intro of the album and has some amazing flows and lyrics. This track will surely get you all charged up. The second track on the album is named Maintain which is a distinctive track with a melodic hook. The vocal flip used to make the melody is amazing. This track packs some great impacts.

The next track on the album is named On That Go. This track is an ecstatic one with some innovative flows. This is the first track on the album with a feature. The track features Bfilthy who took the track to a whole different level. On That Go is followed by the track named Outside. This is a track that will make you think deeply about yourself and the people around you. This is my personal favorite in the album. The way this track is structured makes me weak in the knees.

The next track on the album is Nikola Tesla which is packed with some innovative flows and lyrics that are razor-sharp. This is the track that holds the most power and energy in the album. The next track on the album is Toll House which is an innovative track with a lot of surprising elements that I’ll leave up to you to discover. This is the point where the album enters the bridge towards the outro with the track named Pick & Roll. This is the track that sets the vibe for the outro and also features Bfilthy.

The seventh track on the album is named Other ish. This track has some amazing features and 808s that can break necks. The flows are lethal and the way the artist delivers each verse with the same level of energy is remarkable. This track is followed by the second last track which is named I am the one and the track is structured completely on drums. The melody is way behind the whole beat and the artist glides on the beats like butter.

The Outro of the album is named God in My Life which is a very unique track. With some really great lows in the dynamics, this track has an amazing impact. The track will surely touch your heart. This was surely the best way to wrap up the album with grace!

This is an amazing album with a lot of great tracks! Do give it a go and trust me you will be left amazed! You can catch a little glimpse of the album Synap recon by Breaff here-

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