Most of CH/ZZY’s youth was spent as an artist. He was born in a small hamlet of Manteno, Illinois, and was named Corey M. Chiz. He was passionate about his hobbies of painting and drawing, so it’s not a surprise that he continued on to Illinois State University to study graphic design and the arts. Because of his love of hip-hop and his lifelong enthusiasm for music, he started creating rhymes in his adolescent years. He began spending a lot of time recording music after relocating to Chicago in 2010. He balanced his life between an office job and his free time for creativity. His desire to spread his music around the globe grew until he started making records commercially in 2022.

I recently discovered this artist through his latest release which is an album named ‘Late Start’. There was this one track in particular that caught my special attention. The track is named ‘Squints’ which is a track about weed, blunts, and squints. The track is a hip-hop track that features some amazing flows and lyrics that will have you grooving right off the bat. The music beautifully compliments the theme of the track making it one of his best works yet. This is surely a track that deserves to be heard by the masses as it features the unique mindset of the artist! The track beautifully fits into the vibe of the album. The album is sure to leave an impression on you. You should surely give this amazing track and the album a go. You can catch a little glimpse of the track by CH/ZZY down here-