Cloud Ray is a Hip Hop & Pop Artist from Middlesex, NJ who is known for his razor-sharp bars that are filled with life. His unique approach towards music that fuses Hip Hop with Mainstream Pop with a hint of EDM and House. His ecstatic intertwining of EDM elements into his music is what hooked me on to this artist. Cloud Ray has already gained over 400,000 streams worldwide on combined streaming platforms which is a small number compared to the quality of the artists tracks. This artist surely deserves to be heard by the masses.

Cloud Ray recently made his debut on all the streaming platforms with his EP named ‘Urban City Elegance’ which is a 5 track EP that features some great tracks. There was this one track in particular that caught my special attention. The track is named ‘404 User Not Found’. This track is packed with some great lyrics that are well written and executed. The track is beautifully produced with a touch of EDM that makes it so unique. The drop surely had me grooving. The vocals are perfect for the vibe and the music is complimented by the vocals ecstatically. The musical elements are chosen well. This track is surely one of the best tracks that I’ve come across in a while. The unique sound of this artist will have you addicted to him for sure. Do give this track a go if you like to listen to some innovative track that are impactful.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track down here-