Cris Cain will bring you rhymes that will absorb your attention. Featured in almost every indie hip-hop collection playlist on Spotify, this artist has been creating some magic on his fingertips. His latest song is to put on a loop, a collection of interesting verses-all wrapped up tight. This one is called Power Up.

His charisma shines through the song. Cris Cain doesn’t mince words, in 2:30 minutes, he’s delivering some solid lines. He showcases his skill with ease, almost in a way that the flow is second nature. The mild autotune suits his execution, especially the way he chooses to sing his lyrics. The trap beat is his canvas to go hard, and there are many layers to consider when he’s taking pauses and breaths. The song might be short, but all that needs to be said about his level up has been said. There is a style that he entertains when he’s rhyming, and that is his own. It is a signature execution you can hear even in his songs like Gossip and Astounding. Check out his songs to feel that same energetic flow. 

Some people can claim the throne, for they know where they stand. Cris Cain is clearly one of those, making catchy music that portrays his best, every time. You can check out this single here and follow him for more music like this!: