Dagenham-based rapper and singer, Dammy is back with yet another one of his bangers, Waste No Time where he shares his tale of ambition and materialism. With an impressive rhythm, the artist has us dancing and vibing throughout the track.

Mellow tunes crafted to lend the song an R&B vibe ride the wave of commanding, resounding beats. Drawing beautiful and calming patterns in the background, the lo-fi synths form the perfect canvass for the powerful and piercing rap style employed by the artist.

Rapping about his high life, love, and luxury, the artist shows off his smooth style and suave. His rap verses are delivered with an effortless coolness and a brazen devil-may-care attitude. With stylish apathy and seamless verse flows, the artist’s skill brings his experience to life and makes for an immersive listening experience.

In the second half of the song, we witness the artist weaving golden dreams with his vocals. Oozing with soul and emotion, the vocal timber is soft and all-feeling. A sweet vulnerability and warmth emerge out of it and are compounded by rivulets of free-flowing funk synths. Reminiscent of Tom Misch, Loyle Carner, Bruno Mars, and Leon Bridges, all the elements of the song come together to engage us in the best way!

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