Dani Twice aims to find a common ground between cultures. His sound is authentic to his heritage, as a Colombian-American living and creating in Florida. His album Los 999atos is full of superb references and verses that merge parts of his identity. This is his opening track from the same album, Co! Co! (Falsetto).

Not only are the vocals a glass cage where meanings change and create new avenues, but the instrumentals are equally intriguing. The song has a cool, suave groove that is embellished by Dani Twice and his singing+bars. The hip-hop power play is evident, with a punch that only Dani seems to have a control of. Not only are his verses in English catchy, but he makes sure the lines in Spanish are just as tasty, if not more. As he navigates through these like a malleable metal, he also understands that the character of the execution is unique in every track. This is how each song in his new album sounds so original and special, like a thumbprint.

Though his most popular track is Jump, Dani Twice has his share of catchy verses and backgrounds that are addictive. This is something you’ll get to love in the first listen. Enjoy Dani with his wings on full display here: