Dax is a household name in the hip-hop game by now. The prolific, productive rapper has made quite a lot of shifts in genre as much as he has started writing with a surgical precision. His latest single aims to tell us to dream big, move on past the circumstance. No better artist to hear it from, this is Catch the Rain.

Simple chord progressions punctuated by the piano and beats to create a flow. This is all Dax really needs to unload his train of thought. However, it isn’t like a journal that he plops ink on paper. He brings in the nuances, the details, the discussions he has in his mind before reaching the place he is in. His chorus hook is especially the one that will move you, for the words carry a magnetic weight. As someone who has traversed different genres and learnt word structure for the poetic form, Dax surprises. He surprises because he is raw, real and ready. It still all feels like first thought, just a vocal entry that blows our minds for the tenacity and detail it has. 

Dax’s album What is Life? has some beautiful music to really delve into. It is detailed introspection, and he tears down the walls. His words will always leave scars to remember by and learn from, memories to keep. Listen to the single here and follow him for more hip-hop euphoria: