Building his life and making sense of the pieces one song at a time, Dax has yet again outdone himself with his latest release Depression. The Ontario-based singer-songwriter is a rising artist who manifests good things, as he tries to make something out of absolutely nothing.

A mellow rainy day vibe emerges from the song. Chill melodies, dilated basslines, and addictive beats make for a perfect backdrop for the seamless pop-rap. Delving into the canvas of depression and its woes, the autobiographical composition relates the artist’s personal experiences with the gloomy blues.

Simple and articulate, the lyrics are raw and have the stamp of truth and pain. They are incredibly poetic and insightful. In a world where finding happiness is difficult in itself, this disease takes away our ability from sustaining the rare happiness that we chance upon. Powerless and lost, we wander the deserts in our minds, looking for an oasis of respite.

The vocal delivery depicts frustration, regret, shame, fear, and grief but is overwhelmed by the artist’s fight,  resilience, hope, acceptance, and strength. It’s incredibly stimulating and inspiring especially because, in addition to being relatable, it shows us how to emerge from the dark tunnels and see the light. The pumping verses embedded in tenderness toward the end of the song restore the belief in our ability to transform and fly.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Gaana!

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