Dax has time and again proven himself to be a force in music. You can see this in the impressive trajectory he has taken-there is a whole range to this spectrum. This is purpose found, within melody. You will know his presence with his single, Life. This is a reflection on scales only a few of us can understand. 

Dax has revisited his style to mix more of melody within choruses and the verse. This is different from his earlier work, he has found much more rhythm to seek within the surrounding aura. Life is a great example of using a simple, retaining core melody and creating a beautiful palette around it. The chord progression is that of songs like Aisha, the popular single that took over the radios in the late 2000s. This single is his closing single from the album What is life? and showcases exactly what he has distilled it to be. In more ways than one, his understanding is as special as his perspective is. Brilliant production ensures that Dax still plays on his talents. His rhyming is clean, verbose, and yet a reflection of this new version of himself. You’ll feel a tantalising need to analyse your own life after listening to this single.

His latest album is streaming very well, with a versatile back and forth within his songs. You can follow him for more spectacular music like this. This is one artist you can bank on, for they view life and art through a parallel lens. Listen to the single here with us!: