Dax has always had unbridled creativity in the way he has approached music. He has checked every definition of the realm and gone all the way from hip-hop to country and has embraced his melodic side. With this latest track, he pushes that envelope a little more, with the help of Darius Rucker. This is called To Be a Man.

At this time and age, it is important to redefine what a man is. Dax does this sliver of self-reflection and also maintains the global perspective. With all the unspoken troubles that are caged inside men, Darius Rucker gives us a hook that will be tattooed inside our brain. The soft melodies, slowly leading to the crescendo that is baked to perfection is wonderful to hear. When this is coming as a single after his album What is life?, it makes the question and answers more poignant. His delivery and style are, as usual, perfected before performing and has the profound impact on anyone listening. If the growth that is projected is to be felt and seen, Dax is going to be a regular feature on our playlists for a long time.

From God’s Eyes to Depression, he has not shied away from feelings and details that get into what it is to be in this state of trouble. Honesty, compassion and the will to help all by understanding his journey is what this song offers, and hopefully men everywhere can be choose their moment of vulnerability. Listen to his single here: