Dirty Dev is a Canadian musician, rapper and hip-hop artist with an obsessive passion for gritty verses and iconic rock anthems. His fantastic delusions and juvenile candor contribute to much of his artistic brilliance. The collaborative effort of Dirty Dev, producer and electronic musician, PHLLY, and Spiritstik led to the creation of debut EP, Dirty Dev and Phil’s Inevitable Return To The Bullshit. The combined eccentricity of these three artists is perfectly represented in the second track, Rumpus Room. 

The track presents two simultaneous realities – one, a sonic mystery developed with curious synth beeps and oozing basslines and the other, a verbose revelation. Together, the two streams flow parallelly concealing and exposing each other. 

Crashing cymbals and angular beats dictate the rhythm. And despite the apparent insouciance and perfunctory verse delivery, the passionate subtext cannot be more clearer. Its dilations and dragged presentation has a charming immaturity to it. Rounded trumpet tangents sail through with whimsy. 

The track is a world of its own, with an apparent defiance that passes on to the listener. Fusing rock based beats with acid washed verses, the track is a psychedelic cultivation. 

The track is available for streaming on all popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Rumpus Room from Dirty Dev and Phil’s Inevitable Return To The Bullshit by Dirty Dev, PHLLY, and Spiritstik here – 

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