No it’s not just you. Eric Cohen has brought major The Chronic vibes with his new single. It’s called A.M.E.N, and it brings the goodness of old school rap with the style and execution of a new indie artist ready to break to the fore. This is why new rap will reign.

The instrumental is an obvious reference to a hero. With the rhythmic motion in place, Eric Cohen creates a powerful but intriguing blend of hard hitting lyrics and dynamic instrument parts. You’ll definitely be singing the chorus along with him in no time. One listen is enough to be completely addicted to this single. There is no doubt he knows the path he’s taking and creating the kind of route he wants. Like Wu-Tang’s instrumental parts, they help you listen in tandem to the befitting groove and rhythm section, along with the kind of lyrics you could only dream you wrote. Here’s to greater futures for Eric.

You can listen to his brilliant track False Realities if you want to get a gauge on his writing prowess. He has moved forward since then, using better production, deeper, more creative lyrics. This track would be on his hall of fame just for the kind of execution, and he’s just begun his journey. We have a lot to see from him, and I hope we do. Listen to his single here: