Fibonacci_clique is a hip-hop duo project featuring two Australian beat producers, writers, and singers who are blood brothers. Both the artists are teenagers and the way they create such complex tracks surely makes me feel like they’ve got an experience of at least a decade. This duo is known for its innovative approach toward music and flows that split through beats. Their music is surely something to mosh to. They weave music into intricate pieces that paint vivid pictures with mere words and music. This surely is a duo that sets the bar way too high for other contemporary artists. Do give this duo a go. You will surely fall in love with their musical skills and the way they make music.

I was amazed when I came across their recent release which is named Derealization Is Realisation which is one of their best works of art yet. This album is a vivid display of their innovative skills that run deep in emotions. The album has 11 tracks and each one is a lyrical and musical feast for the listeners! This duo surely knows how to create a vibe and consistently keep it up. What excites me the most about this duo is as I’ve said that both these artists are brothers and that is the reason for their amazing coordination and chemistry.

The album starts off with the track Freeze Yuh which is a great track for the intro of such an amazing album. The track packs some great flows laced with 808s. Next up on the album is the track named Nothing But Shame which is my personal favorite. This is a track that has some amazing lyrics that will surely make you question a lot of things.

The third track on the album is Give It Up which is the most innovative and distinctive track on the album. This is the shortest track on the album yet is the most impactful according to me. The track is powerful and heartfelt at the same time. The pair of the next two tracks, JD and The Game is one of the best-contrasting pairs of all. both these tracks are lyrically and melodically strong with some great musical elements.

This is the part of the album which contains the core message of the album and has tracks that have a lot of potentials. Help Me, Trauma Bond, and Supercharged Hammer are the three tracks in the body of the album. Each of these tracks is elite in the musical, lyrical, and structural sense. The way Fibonacci_clique plays with the 808s and the melodies makes me lose my mind.

‘Will They Get Over Me’ is the bridge leading to the outro of the album. It is surely a lyrical masterpiece with some amazing flows. This is surely an album to be discovered by the masses. Do give it a go if you like to listen to rap with a purpose.

We Are All One starts off with some amazing guitar riffs and leads to a track with some great flows and lyrics. This track has some great drum rolls that give out the needed impact to the whole track. The last track on the album is Who Are You which is a track that has no lyrics yet is one of the best ways to conclude this amazing album. This sound evokes all the deep feelings that Fibonacci_clique has embedded in the mind through their tracks in the album! These brothers are surely masterminds when it comes to structuring an album!

You can catch a little glimpse of the album down here-