Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Hafto has just released his single, The Soul Pt.1 which traces the outlines of his poetic mind and his musical inspirations and influences like Kanye West, Nas, The Weeknd, and Kid Cudi among others. The track boasts the artist’s skill to unpack concepts musically in a unique but impactful way.

Acoustic piano melodies drip heavily into a swishing vocal canvass streaked with ethereal harmonies. The twinkling soundscape is so real and near, shimmering with bling melodies. With a mellow beat drop, the artist picks up the chill verses with a lo-fi vibe. The texture and pitch of the synthetic vocal harmonies and the rap are poles apart. Reconciled beautifully, like yin and yang, one brings out the essence and the charm of the other.

And, that’s what makes for a fabulous display – the relationship they form, nurture, and grow. The vocal melodies cast a magical spotlight on the rap lines,  reminiscent of the mystical moonbeams spilling into window panes. Its boisterous quality complements the lowkey chivalry of the low-tonal verses and snaking basslines. In addition to exposing the landscapes of the soul and humanism through well-crafted lyrics, the track brings it to a fulfilling fruition with the bejeweled piano melodies and vocals.

The deliberate contrast between the two major components of the track dictates the diaphony of the track. And, it is lovely to witness the luminescent melodies power the passion in the verses and sweep us off our feet.

Listen to The Soul Pt.1 by Hafto here –