HiddenLif is burning up on indie playlists all over the globe. His songs are real, raw and gritty. In fewer words, he’s saying what people are thinking. His grooves are deep, catchy and have an essential flavour that is only unique to him. This is from his album PLUSH, Are U That Someone?

What’s guaranteed here is funky, classy pop with an undeniable penchant for rhythm. Like a polished Weeknd, HiddenLif navigates around the melody in his own style. His vocals are honey smooth, they suit the vibe of the music. Unlike his softer R&B soaked track, LOL. OK, this track has more to do with a disco beat and vibe. The track is quicker but is balanced out by HiddenLif creating memorable moments and swerves through alleys and gulleys to make it a groove worth remembering.

This is all part of his album PLUSH, which might be his Sgt. Peppers. There are tracks for all occasions here, and he has curated it by sound quality and feel so well that they all blend together. It is the kind of sound he is known and will be known for. Till then, explore his album and listen to the track here: