Vidpoet is a rapper and hip-hop artist. Known for his sophisticated style and abstract presentations, it is highly likely that you’ll instantly engage with his meta soundscapes. Following the release of Part 1 of his Art Therapy Album, is Art Therapy, Pt. 2. The distinct theme of the album is presented using four songs, That Weird Rapper, Giwufi, No Edits, and Unfinished Sculpture, Pt. 2. This article will expand the nuances of the Vidpoet style in light of the single, That Weird Rapper, taken from his latest EP. 

The track is set against a chaotic backdrop of electronic shimmer. With pounding basslines and punching beats setting the rhythm design, his verses roll through the scenic scape accentuated by finger plucked oriental string accents. While his tireless verse delivery reveals the ideas and ideals of his intellectual mind, the dynamic sound production conceptualizes it. 

The artist debuted his dapper style in late 2022 with his single, Great Big Western Skies. That same year saw the release of another single (Im Not Jawn Morgan) and an EP (Art Therapy, Pt. 1).

The track is available for streaming on all popular sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to That Weird Rapper by Vidpoet here – 

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