A student of revolutionary artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole, Mississippi-born and Atlanta-based rapper J Lock is a worthy protégé. The force of his autobiographical compositions is immutable; powered by truth and passion. He absorbs the world and projects his experiences and perspectives with infectious candor and charisma. J Lock wields his poetic prowess and master skills in his six-track EP, Typa Szn.

The track is a delightful brand of mellifluent hip-hop. Its pumping beats resonate through the smooth melody flow in the backdrop. This mellow canvas is contrasted by a strapping pop-rap ebbing from deep within. Each verse adds to the compelling flow with the vocals billowing with high emotion. The unassailable riff pops with addictive leitmotifs and a looping rhythm that has us hooked.

The artist found his creative expression in music at 14 years when he used it to explore his sense of self. Drawing from his life and the world around him, the artist is an excellent wordsmith and a strong performer. J. Lock debuted in early 2021 with Graduation Freestyle and followed it up with Typa Szn EP, and two singles, On Deck and Vengeance. With anthemic sensations, On Deck is his most popular and acclaimed release; rolling with hard-hitting beats and high-energy tracks that glorify the hustle and grind to success.

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