Jack Dawkins is a rapper and hip-hop artist with a big personality who is known for his versatile soundscapes and incredible skill. His eccentricity is strident, hard-hitting, and powerful. In his latest single, Won’t Be Stopped, Jack Dawkins poses his readiness to claim his fame and fortune. With edgy riffs and punching beat work, he builds up an old school hip-hop vibe. The groovy bass and grand electronica bolster the command in his verses that is reminiscent of the hard-core, on-the-face style of Eminen. Listen Now!

The artist loves telling stories. Wrapped up in his charisma and irrepressible energy, they garner admirable power and praise. The bedrock of his work is inspired by his life experiences and real emotion that instantly transfers to the listener. Using this honesty, he strives to connect with his audience on a human level. And therein lies his appeal.

Jack debuted in late 2021 with his single, Spread Love and has since released a litany of over 25 tracks (across 3 years), each one better than the last, in largess, grandeur, and power. This release makes his 30th track.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Won’t Be Stopped by Jack Dawkins here –