Jamcie is a rapper and hip-hop artist. Over the years, he has forged a distinct style that combines lo-fi electronica with mellow and smooth flows. And there’s versatility and freeness that comes with this compositional style. It makes space for creative explorations as well as novel presentations. In his latest release, ‘Sun Comes Up’ Jamcie sets up a boundless flow. With chill beats and cool synth details driving the track, his verses form within this virtual ambience. 

Crisp and clean, his lines strike the fluid soundscape at right angles. He is a natural storyteller and skillfully absorbs the softness and romance from the soundscape to set out frames of love and relationships as he knows them. Characterized by its contemporary vibe and novelty, it is reminiscent of artists like Loyle Carner, Little Simz, KSI, and Kae Tempest. 

Jamcie has been writing and performing music for over a decade now. He is also an integral part of the renowned rap trio ‘FREE’MINDS’ and rose to fame for his contributions to the project. He founded this solo project as a way to express his individualistic inclinations, touching upon themes like self-discovery, love, struggle, and resilience. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘Sun Comes Up’ by Jamcie here –