James Laurent is a passionate musician. And his passion manifests in visionary ways as he seamlessly blends rock with hip-hop, and alternative influences. The artist has just put out his four track EP titled, Icarus. All the tracks explore the curse of perfection, traveling through the maze of thoughts to insightfully bring out the theme. Taken from this collection is Moonlight, a track with an emotional gravity that reveals the personal experiences and artistic journey of James Laurent. 

The artist deliberately juxtaposes rough grunge with his low tonal vocal timbre to fathom a dark atmosphere. The insanity of achieving perfection manifests in cerebral layers of haunting riffs, dramatic hip-hop beats, electronic accessories, and wrenching pop-rap. 

“Convoluted my brain till it loosens the screws, my neighbors think that I’ve gone mad. I think my moral compass is broken, Blurry lines, but I can’t stop going. Missing sleep, I’ve gone delusional; But the misery, so beautiful.” 

These lines showcase the romanticism of the artist that impelled the ambitions of Icarus. However, the delusions in the lyricism are defeated by the disillusioning pallets in the backdrop. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Moonlight from the Icarus Album by James Laurent here –